Monday, August 2, 2010

First Review - Dosha: Flight of the Russian Gypsies

Dosha: Flight of the Russian Gypsies
by Sonia Meyer,
Wilderness House Press (November 2010), Littleton MA US
ISBN: 978-0-9827115-1-4

Dosha of the Khantchisti, granddaughter of a powerful Lovara Gypsy king who is the most hunted Gypsy in all of Russia, spent her childhood trekking in the Polish forest on a quest for freedom from the terror under Stalin's rule. After declaring a cultural thaw three years after Stalin dies, Khrushchev gives the Gypsy nomads a glimmer of hope at freedom after World War II. According to her tribe, Dosha is predestined by legend to be the next leader of her tribe and lead them to freedom. In a drive to recruit suitable horses for the International Ussian Dressage Team, the KGB drafts Dosha and her talented horse to train for the circus in Leningrad where she conceals the identity of herself and her horse, renaming herself Ana Dolova. Despite having to blend in with the Gadje people, Dosha continued to plot a method of escape and return to her tribe leading them to freedom.

Staying true to her tribe in a world where Gypsy life is unacceptable is a nearly impossible task for a young girl during such a hard time, but Dosha's persistence and loyalty led her to maintain her beliefs and return to her people, no matter the circumstance, distance nor situation. It is ultimately a lesson in self-worth. No matter the amount of force thrusted upon someone to assimilate to a particular lifestyle and entire way of life to fit in for a specific purpose, it is not greater than the purity of the traditions and traits one grows up accustomed to.

Dosha is an inspiring book that not only sheds light on the true nomadic life of Gypsies and the hardships they must endure on a daily basis, but it also extends a lifelong lesson of never abandoning your true identity for any purpose other than true self-happiness.

In this eloquently written book, Sonia Meyer is sure to captivate and transform the hearts of many, giving them added courage and strength to carry on every day of their life with pride and loyalty to all that is dear to them.

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