Thursday, May 7, 2009


With interest in his novel (“Or So It Seems”) still on the rise, local author Paul Steven Stone introduced his newest book, “How To Train A Rock”, a collection of 'short insights and fiction flights' culled from over 20 years of Stone’s irreverent and quirky newspaper column, “A Stone’s Throw”.

According to Stone, each of the fifty pieces in the book is a well-crafted, highly polished gem. From hilarious mock ads for ‘The Law Offices Of Paul Steven Stone” to laugh-out-loud takes on Boston sports fans, automated answering systems and the over-exposed public lives of ladies named Paris and Britney, Stone’s commentaries are often funny, occasionally profound and always creative.

As one early reader said, “Stone knows how to surprise the reader with twist endings, unexpected points of view and more narrative styles than a roomful of writers. You will laugh, you may cry, and most certainly you will be delighted.”

“How To Train A Rock” can be ordered on, and will soon be available in bookstores in Cambridge, MA. To read excerpts from “How To Train A Rock” go to the author’s blog at

Paul Steven Stone is a longtime veteran of the New England advertising community. At one time, part owner of Baldwin & Stone, the Harvard Square-based ad agency he co-helmed for 14 years, he now works as Director of Advertising for W.B. Mason, the company for whom he developed the tagline “Who But W.B. Mason!”

You can learn more about Paul Steven Stone by checking out his web site at, or, as well as Stone’s blog (